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Ivanovskaya Square

This is the largest Kremlin square. Before the 1917 revolution it led to the Uspenskaya (Assumption) Belfry, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Chudov Monastery and the Maly Nikolayevsky Palace.

In the 16th-17th centuries many government bodies were situated here: prikazy (offices), court services and chanceries of various departments. The square was one of the busiest places in Moscow, where petitioners from all Russia came. Ivanovskaya square was the first site of a forerunner to the Moscow post office, the Yamskoy prikaz, which delivered private correspondence.


In the early 1930s the square was enlarged after the demolition of the Maly Nikolayevsky Palace, the Ascension Convent and the Chudov Monastery, one of the oldest in Moscow. Today, Ivanovskaya Square offers a view of one of the three corners of the Senate and the facade of the so-called Presidium, one of the Kremlins administrative buildings, built in 1929 in place of the demolished cloisters and palace. The square is paved with stones and is part of the Kremlins tourist route.

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