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President of Russia

Dmitry Medvedev

Photo: Private archive

«On my mother's side, my family has its roots in the town of Alekseyevka in Belgorod Region…»


Photo: Private archive

«Two important things in my childhood were sport (I was into kayaking) and books, and this determined what sorts of interests I would pursue…»



«Ever since childhood I've very much liked Chekhov, Bunin and quite a few of Dostoyevsky's works…»



Photo: Private archive

«I didn't give much thought as a child to what I would like to do when I grew up…»




«Like any normal person, I felt unease inside when the Soviet Union ceased to exist…»



«My years before 1999 were very productive. I felt that my life had turned out well. This all continued until the beginning of October 1999, when I got a telephone call…»




«I'm not such a fan of grandiloquent talk…»



«95 percent of everything I do and have done can be done out of the public eye. But the laws of political life are such that the country has to know what the authorities are doing. We did not invent these laws and we are not about to change them…»




«I support democratic values…»




«My first priority is Russia's interests…»




«It's interesting to work when you see the results of your efforts…»



Photo: Sergey Bermeniev

«If you don't take pleasure in the details, you won't have such interest in the overall result…»




«I keep myself informed about people's assessments of the results of my work…»




«I am quite an active Internet user…»




«I can tell you how my day begins…»



Photo: Sergey Bermeniev

«If you really want to, you'll find the time to raise your children and listen to music…»



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