The Senate

Building 14 (The Presidium)

The Arsenal

The Poteshny Palace

The State Kremlin Palace

The Grand Kremlin Palace

The Terem Palace

The Armory

The Faceted Palace

The State History Museum


The State Kremlin Palace

In 1960-1961 a new building was constructed on the territory of the ancient Kremlin to hold congresses and conferences, performances and concerts. Work on the new building was completed in less than two years. Preserving the tradition of a single palace ensemble, the architects connected the new builidng with the Grand Kremlin Palace by a passageway with a small winter garden, and by a suspended glass passageway to the Patriarchs Palace.


The theater stage, one of the biggest in the world, boasts a remarkable system of hoisting mechanisms. The side of the curtain facing the hall is decoratively covered with thin sheets of embossed metal.


The palace has an underground portion as deep as a five-story building is tall, which houses some auxiliary offices. The State Kremlin Palace, popularly known as the Palace of Congresses, contains more than 800 rooms.

Birds Eye View of the Kremlin


Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum Sanctuary

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