July 25, 2006


THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW.Vladimir Putin accepted the letters of credential from a number of foreign ambassadors.

The ceremony for presenting letters of credential was held in Alexander Hall in the Kremlin Palace. The new ambassadors from eight countries participated in the ceremony:

Teketel Forsido Vamisho Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia;

Oleg Demin Ukraine;

Vittorio Claudio Surdo Republic of Italy;

Hassan Rishe Syrian Arab Republic;

Yasuo Saito Japan;

Augusto Parra Munos Republic of Chile;

Ezhi Bar Republic of Poland;

Mahendr Dosia Republic of Mauritius.

The head of state expressed his confidence that the efforts of the new ambassadors from Japan, Italy, Ukraine, Syria, Poland, Ethiopia, Chile and Mauritius towards developing equitable and mutually advantageous relations will meet with sincere support and openness in Russia.

The Presidents speech at the ceremony will be published.

Speech at the Ceremony for Accepting the Letters of Credential of Foreign Ambassadors

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