November 16, 2006


THE GRAND KREMLIN PALACE, MOSCOW.Vladimir Putin accepted letters of credentials from foreign states' new ambassadors to Russia.

The ceremony took place in the Alexander Hall in the Grand Kremlin Palace. The new ambassadors from eight countries gave the President their letters of credentials:

Republic of Macedonia -- Zlatko Lecevski,

Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka -- Udaianga Viratunga,

Republic of Burundi -- Renova Ndaiirukiie,

Republic of Iceland -- Benedikt Asgeirsson,

Republic of Belarus -- Vasilii Dolgolev,

Union of Myanmar -- Min Tein,

Republic of Albania -- Todorach Liacho,

Canada -- Ralph James Lysyshyn.

Speech at the Ceremony during which Ambassadors from Foreign States Presented their Letters of Credentials

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