January 18, 2007


THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW. Vladimir Putin accepted the letters of credential of foreign ambassadors.

Ambassadors from seven countries participated in the letters of credential ceremony that was held in the Alexander Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace:

Kim An Dzhe Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea,

Plamen Ivanov Grozdanov Republic of Bulgaria,

Anna Azari State of Israel,

Stanislas de Laboulaye Republic of France,

Leopoldo Alfredo Bravo Republic of Argentina,

Jorge Luis Perez Alvorado Dominican Republic,

Bernadette Sebage Rathedi Republic of Botswana.

Vladimir Putin expressed his confidence that the new ambassadors from the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Botswana will support the search for a constructive solution to global and regional problems, as well as strengthen mutual trust and respect between their countries and Russia.

Speech at Letters of Credential Presentation Ceremony

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