September 18, 2008


THE KREMLIN, MOSCOW.Dmitry Medvedev accepted the letters of credentials of 12 foreign ambassadors.

While welcoming the ambassadors, the President stressed that they assume their positions at a very important time for the international community, a time in which many fundamental values such as humanism, democracy and the rule of international law have been subject to severe tests.

Dmitry Medvedev elaborated on the situation in the Caucasus and explained Russias position with regards to recognising the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Noting that the process of incorporating these new states into the system of international relations will not be easy, the President stressed that it is necessary to avoid politicizing the issue and to act primarily for the benefit of the citizens. Dmitry Medvedev highly praised the position of the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Collective Security Treaty Organisation who expressed their support for Russias peacekeeping efforts in the region.

The President also recalled the idea of preparing comprehensive Treaty on European Security that he put forward a few months ago. In his view, recent events show that this treaty can be deferred no longer.

The head of state summarized cooperation between Russia and each of the countries represented at the ceremony. The President paid particular attention to Russian-American relations which he called defining for the general atmosphere in the world and a lasting priority for Russian foreign policy. Dmitry Medvedev also expressed the hope that the U.S. authorities will be able to cope with the severe financial turmoil there, turmoil which greatly affects other states as well.

Dmitry Medvedev called Russias relations with Ukraine truly fraternal. No short-term considerations, no new foreign policy "maneuvers", no internal crises may serve to undermine the tradition of mutual respect and trust between these two peoples.

Russia is ready for fair, comprehensive, and absolutely mutually beneficial cooperation with Ukraine, the President said.

Congratulating the ambassadors on the beginning of their diplomatic mission to Russia, Dmitry Medvedev noted how the most important decisions are based on objective information about the host country provided by ambassadors to their respective governments. That is why he expects to see foreign ambassadors work as honest and impartial professionals.

The ambassadors of the Kingdom of Belgium, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Republic of Guatemala, the Turkish Republic, the Republic of Indonesia, the Palestinian government, Montenegro, the Republic of Finland, Australia, Ukraine, the United Republic of Tanzania and the United States presented their credentials to the Russian head of state.

Speech at the Ceremony for the Presentation of Foreign Ambassadors Letters of Credentials

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