May 31, 2010


Dmitry Medvedev submitted to the State Duma draft federal laws making provisions for the establishment and operation of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

The draft Federal Law On Skolkovo Innovation Centre is intended to provide the necessary conditions for the establishment and operation of the centre.

In accordance with the draft law concept, the centre will be a special designated area allowing specific conditions for research and scientific developments in the following fields: energy efficiency and energy saving, including developing innovative energy technologies; nuclear technologies; space technologies, first and foremost in telecommunications and navigation systems, including the creation of corresponding infrastructure on the ground; medical technologies, including equipment and pharmaceuticals; and strategic computer technologies and software.

The centres special conditions include the most advanced solutions in urban planning, special rules of interaction among persons located within the centres territory, and a set of benefits available to organisations doing research there.

The main entity in charge of creating and maintaining these conditions will be a management company selected in accordance with a decision by the President of Russia. The draft law determines the rights and responsibilities of such company, as well as the opportunities that will be available to researchers at the centre.

The draft law introduces the project participant status and strengthens state control within the centres territory, creating special subdivisions of government agencies overseeing internal affairs, migration, taxes, customs, and intellectual property.

Another draft law makes provisions for amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation, including the Tax Code, with regard to passing the Federal Law On Skolkovo Innovation Centre.


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